Write the work positive,negative or zero

Write the work positive,negative or zero Positive. negative and zero work ink before you answe Discuss the directions of force cmd of displacement in each of the following coses. I. Pushing a stalled vehicle 2. Catching the ball which your friend has thrown towards you. 3. Tying a stone to one end of a string and swinging it round and round by the other end of the string. 4. Walking up and down a staircase; climbing a tree. 5. Stopping a moving car by applying brakes. You will notice that in some of the above examples, the direction of the force displacement are the same. In some other cases, these directions are opposite to ec )ther, while in some cases, they are perpendicular to each other. In these cases, the w bne by the force is as follows. When the force and the displacement are in the same direction (O = 00 j, the work done force is positive.

Dear Student,
1. Positive
2. Negative
3. Zero
4. Positive
5. Negative

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