Write three advantages of ploughing. name two implements used for the same.

The advantages of ploughing are as follows:

• It helps to loosen soil. Hence, it improves air circulation in soil.

• It helps in the retention of moisture.

• It helps in uprooting weeds from soil.

• It enhances the water retaining capacity of soil.

Plough and cultivator are used for ploughing.

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The advantages of ploughing are:

1. Air spaces are created in the soil, which helps the roots breathe

2. Tender roots can penetrate deep into the soil quite easily

3. The nutrient-rich soil is brought to the top

4. The water-retention capacity of the soi increases

5. Weeds are uprooted

6. If manure is added, the soil and manure mix well

Ploughing is done using plough, hoes,and tractor driven cultivators

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