Write two changes due to mixing of two or more substances

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While mixing two or more substances, the two changes that occur are- 
(i) Physical change
(ii) Chemical change

When physical properties of matter change during the reaction but the composition does not change. Generally, it changes in shape, size, colour, state etc. An example is the melting of Ice. It is a change of state only. But the composition is the same water molecule.

A Chemical reaction is defined as the process which leads to the transformation of chemical substances from one form to another. In a chemical reaction, the substances undergoing transformation are called reactants and the new substances that are formed are called products. 
For example, A + B  > C + D represents a chemical reaction in which reactants A and B undergo transformation to form products C and D. 
The transformation can occur by a combination of more than one reactant, decomposition of a reactant and displacement of atoms or molecules in one reactant by atoms or molecules of other reactants.


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