Write two examples for each of

Write two examples for each of ing C. Match the following : I Natural fibres 2. Cotton 3. Jute fibre 4. Nylon 5. Polyesters Write two examples for each oi the following : b. Durable and strong Wrinkle resistant Obtained from plants or animals Used for making sails Suitable for hot and humid climate to 4. 6. Plant fibres Animal fibres Synthetic fibres Jute growing countries Things made of coir Things made of hemp Circle the odd one. Give reason for your choice : 2. 3. 4. Terrycot Ginning Nylon Silk Terrysilk Spinning Polyester Rayon Terylene Forming lute Cotton Terrywool Weaving Rayon A. Very short answer questions : O 2, 3. 4. 5. 6 Name the animal from which wool is most commonly obtained. Name one fibre obtained from the stem of plants. Which of the two are stronger : natural fibres or synthetic fibres? Enumerate some man-made clot materials. State any two uses of acrylic fibre. H'hat ivoaving?

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1. Plant fibres- Cotton and jute.
2. Animal fibres- Wool and silk
3. Synthetic fibres- Nylon and rayon
4. Jute growing countries- India and China
5. Things made of Coir- Ropes and doormats.
6. Things made of hemp- Sunscreen and shoes.

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A. Jute ,cotton
B. Wool, fur
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(A) Cotton , Linen (B) Silk , Wool (C) Nylon , Polyester (D) India , China (E) Rope , Fishing Net (F) Paper products , hemp nanomaterials
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