wt is the difference between active and passive voice and direct and indirect  voice?

@sony_654321, you can refer to the expert's answer provided by Gossipgirl for active and passive voice. As far as direct and indirect is concerned, these terms are used in reported speech.

Various rules to convert direct into reported speech are:

  • A simple present becomes a simple past;

  • A present continuous becomes a past continuous;

  • A present perfect becomes a past perfect.

  • The 'shall' of the Future tense is changed into 'should'.

  • The 'will' of the Future tense is changed into 'would' or 'should'.

  • The pronouns of the Direct speech are changed wherever necessary, so that their relations with the reporter and his hearer, rather than with the original speaker, are indicated.

  • Words expressing nearness in time or place are generally changed into words expressing distance. For instance, now becomes then, ago becomes before, tomorrow becomes the nest day and last night becomes the night before.

  • The tenses may not change if the statement is still relevant or if it is a universal truth.

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Answer given by the expert is as follows, kindly consider it :


The following explanation would help clear your doubt on the topic.
In English grammar, voice of a verb describes the relationship between the action that the verb conveys and the direct object or the subject.
Now let us go through the concepts of active and passive voice:
A verb is in active voice when the subject used in the sentence is the main doer of the action taking place. Here, the action of the verb is linear or straightforward.
For instance:
1. She was cooking rice;
2. The teacher was teaching the students of Grade-XI;
3. He lied to me;
4. They bought a huge house.
Now, in the same context, a verb is in passive voice when the subject becomes the recipient of the action involved. Here the verb acts upon the subject.
For instance:
1. Rice was being cooked by her;
2. The students of Grade-XI were being taught by the teacher;
3. I was lied to by her;
4. A huge house was bought by them.
Hope the above explanation and instances help you understand the concept better.

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