X is working in a company on permanent basis. As per the job agreementshe had rto work 8 hours a day,and was free to work overtime. X worked overtime due to which she fell ill, and had to take leave from her work. No one showed concern and ienquired about her healthBy quotuing blines from the above para, identify the needs of Xwhich she was able to fulfill Also explain two other needs of X which still rmain to be satisfied

Dear Studetn
(i) X is working in a company on a permanent basis. 
According to above line X is able to fulfil her following needs: 
     (a) Physiological needs 
     (b) Safety or Security needs 
(ii) Needs of x which still remained to be satisfied are: 
According to Above lines Needs which still remained unstasfied are
     (a) Affiliation Need: It refers to the need for affection, sense to belongingness, acceptance and friendship.
     (b) Esteem Need: It refers to the need for self-respect, autonomy, status, recognition and attention.


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