X number of shares of face value of rupees 10 were forfeited for the non payment of final call of rupees 4 per share.. these shares were reissued at a loss and an equal amount of rupees 4500 was transferred to Capital Reserve account.. pass the necessary journal entries

Dear Student,
Journal Entries will be :-
Date Particulars L.f Debit Credit
  Share Capital A/c Dr.      
      To Forfeited Shares Account A/c      
       To Shares Final Call A/c      
  (Being shares Forfeited .)      
  Bank A/c Dr.      
  Forfeited Shares A/c (loss on re-issue)      
        To Share Capital A/c      
  (Being forfeited shares re-issued)      
  Forfeited Shares Account A/c   4,500  
       To Capital Reserve A/c     4,500
  (Being balance amount transferred to Capital Reserve)      

Note : Amounts are not provided by you in the question hence you can fill the same as per requirement.

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