Xplain the 6th point on both side

Xplain the 6th point on both side I. 2. - Anabolism It is the sum total of building up or constructive processes. Anabolism produces coavlex materials from simpler cmes. 3. It stores energy 4. S. 6. Kinetic energy is changed into potenlial Anabolism is required for gro'th, maili- Fewer t of precursors form diverse 1. 2. 3. 4. S. 6. Catabolism is the sum total Of breakdo•.n destructive processes. It forms simple substances from complei It releases energy. Potential energ Tis- changed into kinetic energy. Catabolism is. •required us activities of living bein ces br Many types o u to form fewer type' of simple tmlecules (reac e.

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Anabolism is the set of metabolic pathways that results in the construction of molecules from smaller units. For example: During amphibolic pathway, fatty acids break into acetyl CoA to enter the respiratory pathway.
Catabolism is the process that break down molecules into smaller units and release energy. For example: Acetyl CoA is removed from the respiratory pathway whenever fatty acids need to be synthesise.
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As far as I can understand it means that in anabolic reactions few type of molecules/compound (which are simple in nature) react with each other to form diverse range of complexes/ products.
While in catabolic reactions many types of substances which are complex in nature breakdown to form few type of simple basic molecules. 

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