Y should we go to school small story

Dear student,
Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- Ram and Shyam were two brothers that lived in a village.
- Their school was five kilometres away from home and they had to walk there daily.
- Ram was a keen learner and loved going to school.
- On the other hand, Shyam would run off to teh fields and spend his days eating ripe fruit plucked from the trees.
- He would play all day with his friends and while his time away.
- As a result, Ram passed out of school with flying colours, whereas Shyam remained uneducated.
- Ram grew up to be an officer in a local bank and flourished.
- Shyam had limited options because of the lack of an education: he ended up becoming a labourere at the local factory.
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Ronak but for what u r saying sorry???
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We need to go to school to learn how to read and how to study because it is very important to us and our future if we are not graduate we will not get job and it is very hard to jet job
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Thank u so much aum for ur answer
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For knowledge and education
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