You are a resident of Kamla colony.There have been cases of chain snatching in your locality in your the past 2-3 months.​Your resident welfare association took it  get up with the police station requesting patrolling in the area after 6 p.m​. and surprise checks both of which have not happened.Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper highlighting the passive attitude of the police authorities.
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7G, KamlaColony, M.G. Road,
Bihar- 416 416.
22nd september 2017

The Police Inspector,
Kamla Colony Police Station,
Bihar - 416416.

Subject: complaint regarding incidence of ‘chain-snatching’

Dear Sir,

Surely you must be aware of this horrifying act of criminality which is on the rise in Gamdevi. Surely you have received complaints of ‘chain-snatching’ for many residents in our locality. The local newspapers carry such reports almost everyday.

Women are hesitant to walk alone on the roads, even during the day, for fear that some roughnecks might swoop by on motorbikes and one of them might suddenly reach out and snatch their mangalsutras of gold chains from their necks. These acts of daylight robbery cause immense traumato the victims. What is worse, they could even cause immense physical harm to the victim.

The residents in our area are amazed that day-light patrolling by the police has not yet started. Obviously it is one particular gang of youth who are behind this acts. Please take urgent steps to ride our locality of these daily fear. The attacks must stop immediately, or else we will be forced to come out in the street with agitations.

Hoping that the police will enforce vigilance with immediate effect and apprehend the guilty perpetrators,

Yours truly,


(for the residents of Kamla colony)

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