​you are an amateur animal rights activist. write a letter to the editor voicing your concern on cruelty towards animals

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The Editor,
The Times of India,
Regional Office,
Bangalore .

Dear Sir/Madam,

SUB: Concern on cruelty towards animals and suggestions for remedial measures

This is to bring to public notice that people tend to be insensitive to the needs of animals. In many cases we even observe cruelties done to these hapless creatures when children throw stones at animals for entertainment, chase after them to scare them off etc.
Shows for entertainment using animals need to be entirely banned. Even keeping caged birds as pets for entertainment should be discouraged. Many people have been observed to keep birds as pets. Government should ban this and include it as a law to make it mandatory.

Live birds and animals are tied together and taken to markets to be sold as a source of our food and one could imagine their worse plight after that. People should be trained to use more humane ways to handle this and it would be even better to opt out of such food and be more reliant on natural sources of food.
Many a time, even people sensitive to animals and birds do not take any action to help them in their need such as hurt animals on highway, due to their lack of knowledge in dealing with such situations or a place of care to take them to. I suggest opening animal care centres in key locations so animals are attended to when they are hurt or sick.
Public should be made aware of the need for sensitivity towards animals. Majority of the people are not even aware of the fact that animals are not that different from humans when it comes to feelings of love, hurt - both physical and psychological. Posters and educative materials could be used for the same on a steady basis to make it impactful.

I request you to kindly allow a weekly editorial to make an impact on public to change their ways in dealing with animals or the lack of it. Children especially need to be taught at an early age to learn to be aware of all this. You may allow us to come up with a small comic type version to attract attention and make a difference for better. 

Yours sincerely,
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