You are Bala / Sunita, a social worker, much concerned about the accidents caused by careless crossing of roads by pedestrians. Thinking in terms of the increasing population and the increase in the number of vehicles, you feel that if there are more subways and the existing ones are made safe and better maintained, the problem can be solved. Write an article in 150 - 200 words on how pedestrians can use roads safely without getting involved in accidents.

Such questions test your creative writing skills and should be done on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- Congestion on roads is constantly on the rise with number of vehicles increasing steadily.
- As a result, pedestrians are at a greater danger.
- Rash driving, wrong overtaking, jumping red-lights are some of the reasons of threat to the safety of pedestrians.
- The use of mobile phones by pedestrians while crossing roads is another major cause of accidents: people are too busy talking or checking messages on their phones to see a speeding vehicle!
- Many pedestrians cross at any point on the road instead of using the zebra crossing.
- Construction of a greater number of subways is required so that pedestrians can cross the road without the danger of accidents.
- They must be made aware of the rule of looking sideways carefully before crossing.
- Drivers need to stop if a pedestrian is crossing and give them right of way.
- Pedestrians too must be responsible enough to cross carefully, without being engaged in a conversation on the mobile.

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