You are given four ammeters A, B, C and D having least counts mentioned below:

(I) Ammeter A with least count 0.25 A

(II) Ammeter B with least count 0.5 A

(III) Ammeter C with least count 0.05 A

(IV) Ammeter D with least count 0.1 A

Which of the ammeters would you prefer for doing an experiment to determine the equivalent resistance of two resistances most accurately, when connected in parallel?

(a) Ammeter A

(b) Ammeter B

(c) Ammeter C

(d) Ammeter D

Dear student,
As we know that equivalent resistance of the resistances in parallel will be less than that of resistances connected in series.
So, for a fixed voltage , current flowing in the circuit will bw very high. so we need an ammeter with high value of least count.
From the options, ammeter A has highest least count. so option (a) will be correct.

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