you are in charge of the school Sports Club. write a formal letter of complaint to the sports goods supplier complaining about the inferior quality of sports goods which have been sent to your club.

Dear Student,

These types of questions are meant for enhancing creative writing skills. Please try to write them on your own. Here are a few points for your reference - 
  • I am writing this letter to bring to your kind attention that sports goods that were supplied, are of inferior quality. 
  • Some of the items are missing. 
  • The quality of the helmets is very poor.
  • The equipments are for the school children. Therefore, we should be extra conscious about their quality. 
  • Your company is a reputed name in this field, and we are so disheartened for receiving such products from you.
  • You are, therefore, requested to please replace the products or refund the amount the paid.


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