You are Jessica from 4th avenue New York in your recent visit to Agra you have misplaced your briefcase which contains some business deals paper and other documents. Prepare a notice to be pasted in the town hall Agra presently you stay in Hotel Sunshine old Town Agra.

Dear Student,
Please refer to the Website to find the correct format of a notice. This is only an outline. Here is a sample for your reference:






I have lost my brown coloured Aristocrat briefcase on my journey back from Agra to Delhi in general class boggie of Samta Express. My initials etched as A.H. can be seen on it. It has important documents like my original certificates, mark sheets, degree certificates, passport and driving license. The person who helps me find it would be rewarded handsomely on the spot.


Any information on the above details, contact the undersigned at the earliest!


Amrita Hazra




Hope this helps!

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