you are naresh. you happen to go to agra in a crowded bus on a hot summer day . record your experience in the from of a diary entry.

Monday, 19 May 2014

10 P.M.

Dear Diary,

My friends and I had been planning to go to Agra for quite some time now, so when we finally got the opportunity yesterday, we decided to jump on it. The decision, however, turned out to be quite a bad one, because we somehow missed the train and ended up having to take a bus ride, in the hot sweltering summer heat. The ride turned out to be quite tiring, and the heat and sweat made it even more uncomfortable. To add to our miseries, the bus was very crowded and there was barely any space to sit or stand.We could not wait to reach our destination and breathed a sigh of relief, when we finally reached Agra and got off the bus.
Even though the rest of the day, made up for the ride, I have sworn to never again make the mistake of travelling by a local bus on a hot summer's day.


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