You are now grown-up and working in a corporate organisation . Describe the events that took place in the last ten years of your life which have influenced and shaped your life.

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  • I look to see the days when I completed my 12th standard.
  • I wondered what my future would be.
  • There were two things that I was passionate about - computers and maths.
  • I pursued my dreams and joined for computer engineering.
  • I enjoyed what I learnt.
  • I wanted to do more than be an engineering.
  • As I was in my final year, I decided to team up with my friends and start a new venture - a new corporate company.
  • The company was special and known for admitting only freshers.
  • I knew many out there who were on the verge of failure.
  • Today I head the company with many efficient and intelligent people working with me.
  • I have understood that key factor that brought me here was my challenge to travel through unknown paths.
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