You are one of the trainees in the camp. You were present when Professor had an argument with Corporal Turnbull. You expected appreciation for the Professor from Corporal Turnbull. But it was a shock of your life when the Corporal assigned him permanent duty in cookhouse. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings for him.

On September 1, 2013 Corporal Turnbull visited our camp and was taking a lecture on hand grenades. When the Corporal said that the outside of a hand grenade is divided into a large number of fragments, one of our good-natured officers, Private Quelch interrupted him by saying that there are 44 fragments. He also said that it would have been better if the Corporal had started off the lecture with the five features of the grenade. His behaviour irritated the Corporal so much that he punished him by nominating for permanent cookhouse duties.
I agree that the behaviour of the soldier was not as per norms, but I am confident that he had no intention to insult the Corporal. He possesses sound knowledge on various subjects and feels that he is doing good by sharing his knowledge with others. I understand that he needs to be punished for his offensive behaviour, but nominating him permanently for cookhouse duties would be like robbing him of his dream. He aspires to get a commission in the army and being confined to cookhouse would never enable him to achieve that. 
I hope the Corporal reconsiders his decision and reduces the punishment.

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