You are Priyanka, living in the students' hostel of Cambridge mission School, Mumbai. Write an email to your brother telling him of an interesting weekend you spent at your friend's home.


Date: 29 June, 2014 at 8.21 pm.
Subject: An interesting weekend.
Dear Brother,
Hope you are doing well. I was happy to know that you won a gold medal in swimming. It’s long since I saw my little brother. So, I thought of writing to you.
 Last week my unit test ended. So, my friend and I planned that we will spend a day in her house. She was going home for the weekend holiday. Her birthday was on Sunday. Aunty invited me for the party. So I packed my bag and went there. It was a beautiful place. It was close to nayuter. Her house was in the middle of a mango orchard. After we went there, we had some snacks. Then my friend took me to the orchard. We played there and picked mangoes. I loved the whole thing. At night we had dinner. Her mother prepared some of my favorite non veg dishes. Next day, we woke up very early. We decorated the whole house. Guests’ started coming around 11 o’clock in the morning. After having our dinner, her cousin and I started planning for some surprise for her. We prepared a dance for her in a separate room. All her family members also participated. In the evening she cut the birthday cake. Then our dance programme started. Her uncle told jokes and did some magic. We had a great day and I had a great weekend.
Missing you all. I want to visit home soon.
With lots of love
Yours loving Didi

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