You are provided with a mixture of mustered oil and water name the technique to separate it and writethe principle involved

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Mixture of mustard oil and water is immiscible liquid (liquids which do not mix each other) and they are separated by using separating funnel. This method of separation is based on the difference in densities of the liquids.


Procedure involved while separating the mixture using separating funnel:

Pour the mixture of mustard oil and water in separating funnel.

Let it stand undisturbed for some time so that separate layers of oil and water are formed.

As mustard oil being less dense floats over water. On the other hand, water makes up the lower level as it is denser.

Open the stop cork of the separating funnel, so that water comes out of the beaker.

Close the stop cork as the oil reaches near the stop cork and is left behind in the separating funnel.

Water is obtained in the beaker whereas oil remains in the separating funnel.

Hence immiscible liquids can be separated with the help of separating funnel.

Separating Funnel: Immiscible liquid separation (Mixture of mustard oil and water)

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It should be separated using separating funnel.
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The work done by the object is 0J as work done = Force?Displacement.
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Saperating funnel
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Seperating funnel
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