You are pulled up on the highway for overspeeding by the police and you don't have license and you are underage .draft a conversation between you and police

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.  Police: "Don't you know that overspeeding is a crime?"
   Me: "Yes sir, I know but I was in a rush to reach the hospital."
. Police: "Please show me your license."
   Me: "Sir, I don't have a license." 
. Police: "Since you are not having a license and you are underage to drive a vehicle. I need to register a case."
  Me: "Please sir, Give me a chance. I won't repeat it."
. Police: "The thing you did is a crime and needs punishment. Please give me your parent's Number."
  Me: "Sir, Please.. "
. Police: " Sorry, I can't help you. Give me your parent's number"
​​​​​​  ​Me : "92xxxxxx56."

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