You are Rajeev of Harihar colony, write a letter to the Mayor of your city seeking a solution to the problem of water logging in your area.

Dear Student,  
Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete. Kindly refer to our Website for the format of a letter.
  • As a result of waste disposal in public places, the city is becoming dirty and unhygienic.
  • Also, the poor drainage systems have led to water logging.
  • The accumulation of water, especially during the rainy seasons, brings dirt and waste to the surface.
  • People are falling sick very often. 
  • Children are unable to play in the open areas as a result of the garbage and the smell emitted from the stagnant water.
  • It is not possible to walk on the roads as a result of the stench.
  • Flies and mosquitoes increase and turn to be a nuisance in residential areas.
  • Delay in action can affect individuals as well as the city at large.
  • Your are requested to get the sewers unclogged and the road level repaired to avoid water logging.
‚Äč   I hope you find this outline helpful. Kindly post your questions on the forum to get attention from our team.      

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