You are sakshi,cultural secretary of your school. The school is organizing a career counseling seminar for the students of class X-XII. You have been asked to inform the students about the same. The seminar would include a talk by eminent counsellor Usha Albuquerque . Draft a notice in about 50 words for the senior school notice -bord


29 - AUGUST - 2013 NOTICE


It is to inform you that our school is organizing a career councelling seminar. It will be conducted on 07 Sept, 2013 in the school auditorium from 10am to 12pm. The main lecture will be given by the eminent councellor Usha Albuquerque. This seminar is for the students of classes X-XII.This seminar will be helpful to you for your future so you must attend it. For further information contact undersigned.


( Cultral Secretary of School)

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ABC SCHOOL,XYZ CITY NOTICE 1 October,2013 SEMINAR ON CAREER COUNSELLING This is to be informed that there will be a career counselling seminar for the students of class X-XII.The seminar will include a very eminent counsellor Usha Albuquerque.The necessary details of the seminar are as follows: DATE: 3 October,2013 TIME : 3p.m VENUE:School Auditorium All are requested to attend attend the Seminar and make it a grand success.For more details,please contact the undersigned by 2 October,2013 Sakshi

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You are the secretary sstudents council is organising an inter class mathematics test write a notice for your notice board inviting the namesof sstudent s who would like to participate in tallent test
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You are the cultural secretary of your school. Write a notice inviting the students to a lecture to be delivered by an eminent scholar from Delhi.( The role of student's in nation building).
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                                                                                                              School Name
This is to inform you that our school is organising a programme to counsel students. All the students are invited to attend the lecture given by an eminent scholar from Delhi. The topic of their lecture is "The role of student's in nation building". All the students are requested to join the programme.
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cultural secretary
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