you are Sanchit living at 305 Raj Nagar extension Ghaziabad you bought a washing machine from Ankit Electronics Ghaziabad the washing machine have a problem within a few days of purchase write a letter to the sales manager of the showroom complaining about the defect and asking for repair or replacement.

Dear Student,

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305 Raj Nagar extension
Uttar Pradesh -110093

24th January 2020

The sales manager
Ankit Electronics
Uttar Pradesh -110094

Dear Sir,

Sub:- Improper functioning of washing machine bought a few days ago.

This letter is being written to bring your kind attention to the poor performance of the washing machine that was bought from your shop on the 11th of January 2020.
It is to be noted that I have been a regular customer of your store and for the first time I am facing an issue like this with a newly bought product. I have bought a Whirlpool 360 degree Boomwash Pro washing machine and just after few days of using it, several problems started to appear. The washing machine is facing difficulty while getting operated and sometimes it's touch sensor is not responding
It is, for these reasons, I would ask you to kindly repair it or send me a replacement. Looking forward to your immediate response.

Yours faithfully
Kindly refer to our website for the latest and appropriate format.


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