You are Sandeep Kumar Dash(if Boy) / Shalini (if girl). Write a letter to your mother stating about your younger Brother Raju or younger siter sonu is not studing and always playing and failing in all the tests.

7th September 2013

Boys hostel Klpakkam

Dear mother,

Raju my younger brother is not studing at all and all and always playingand always his teachers call me to his class and complaints are of plenty for me to hear for me and I am also disturbed in my studies. he says "Chill brother father has lot of money he will give his money and my failiure will come for pass . till now not even a single test he has kept pass mark all tests fail. I say him not to go out and play with children who fail in tests but he does not listen to me and playswith them I say him make friends with who take full marks and not with those rowdy boys but he plays. only your comand I can beat him , so I am waiting for your next comand.

Yousrlovingly son

Sandeep Kumar Dash.

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