You are Sheray Panday, Your school celebrated sports day recently. After hearing your teachers’ views about sports, you have started to appreciate it. Write an article on the topic “Importance of sports”.

Importance of Sports

By Shreyas Panday

A sport is a kind of physical activity which entertains as well as keeps our body healthy and fit. It’s high time the parents and teachers realize the importance of sports for their children and give considerable importance to the physical training of the young.

Ailments of our body and stress, stunts the growth of our mind. However, if a person participates in sports, he can get over these problems and live an active life. The health which he acquires will help him to work harder and become more successful. Playing sports is not only a form of exercise but also a recreational activity. People get to relax and enjoy playing sports. 

Sports, in general, have had an important and estimable function in life. Inevitably, it will soon be regarded as the indispensable factor for intellectual and moral growth.

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