You are shocked to read a report of murder of a senior citizen in Vasant Vihar Colony.You being the President of RWA of the colony feel that adequate steps in the field of safety and social awareness is needed. Write a speech on the topic "Crimes against Senior Citizens-Measures to Curb It" in about 150-200 words to be delivered at RWA meeting. Assume yourself as Radhika/Rajesh.

Crimes against senior citizens: measures to curb it.

-identity cards bearing crucial personal details will be issued to elderly citizens registered with the Delhi Police in order to keep track of their safety and security

-emergency contact details will be provided to them or keyed into their mobile phones, if they don't have any then so shall be provided, to ensure that they can instantly call for help

-domestic helps who are employed to take care of the elderly will have to undergo a rigorous vetting process and also submit their identity documents subject to which their employment will be approved.

-senior citizens living alone will get visits from officers who will check security measures and also verify details of the domestic helps employed. 

-the senior citizens will also receive regular check-up visits from the colony residents to see if they require anything and an emergency line will be established that links them on to important services like the department store, medicine shop, nursing center and so on.

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