You are staying with your grandparents during weekends. You have got to know that your mother is unwell. Write a letter to your mother enquiring about her health.

Dear student,

4, Civil Lines
Jodhpur - 33

26 October 2019

My dear Mom,

I came to know about your bad health and was very upset and shocked to hear it. How are you feeling now? I hope that you are better than before. Dad informed me that you are not doing well and was taken to the hospital. Mom, please take all the medicines in time and take care of yourself. Along with the medicines, you have to take a proper balanced diet too. Also, you have to exercise daily to keep yourself fit and healthy.

I will come to meet you in a few days. And when I come, I will teach you some good exercises. Please follow a proper routine and a healthy diet prescribed by the doctor. I hope you recover very soon. Keep me updated about your health. Take good care of yourself. Pay my sincere regards to papa.

Your loving daughter,


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