You are suraj/suryani the proprietor of an electrical and electronic goods shops in Delhi. Write a letter to the wholesaler dealer of electric and electronic goods placing an order for a few goods. Ask for usual discount and the catalogue of goods available.

Suraj Electronics
25, Vikas Puri
New Delhi-110022
August 21, 20xx
The Manager
Electronics Botique
Defence Colony
new Delhi
Dear Sir,
Subject: Bulk order for electronic goods
This is to place a bulk order for the following electronic items:
Nokia DSLR 5X camera: 25 pieces
Casio scientific calculator S series: 50 pieces
IFB frontload 5.5 kg Supremo washing machine: 30 pieces
LG flatscreen 49"television sets: 50 pieces
I request you to kindly confirm that you will be able to deliver the order by 30 August, 20xx and discuss the mode of payment. It is preferable if you accept a cheque or payment through an e-wallet.  We expect the usual discount of fifteen percent. Please send the catalogue of the new goods available at your dealership.
Yours truly,
(Proprietor, Suraj Electronics)

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