You are the resident of 234 A block , New Spring Valley , indore. Write a letter to the editor
of a national daily complaining about the dirty streets and accumulation of garbage on the
streets of your colony. Sign as Rohan/Riya.
Plss answer.. I really need this

Dear student,
Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
Please refer to the Meritnation website for the format of a formal letter.
I wish to draw your attention to the waste disposal site on 234 A block , New Spring Valley , Indore.
- There are garbage piles on sides of street and a foul smell emanates from them perpetually.
- Stray dogs carry the refuse all over the place.
- Mosqitoes and flies multiply near the garbage dumps and carry germs and bacteria that spread diseases.
- It is my humble request that the garbage be cleared immediately to give the public hygienic and clean surroundings.

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