You are the Sales Manger of Diamond Shoes, New Delhi. You placed a bulk order with M/s Rainbow Shoes, Agra for the supply of shoes. The firm failed to execute the order in spite of your repeated reminders. Write a letter to the Manager of Rainbow Shoes, informing him that you have cancelled your order.

The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However here are a few useful hints. 


Dear Sir/Madam

Sub: Cancellation of order

- I am ABC, Sales Manager of Diamond shoes 
- I would like to cancel my order since you have failed to provide us with a supply of shoes on time, despite numerous reminders. 
- The company will not be paying for any shoes that you may have produced for us as a part of the order.
- We have incurred a loss of 3 lakhs due to your incompetence. 

- I firmly request you to return the sum of Rupees fifty thousand paid as an advance.

- We will not be renewing our contract with you in the future. 
-sign off


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