You are the secretary of Environment Club of your school, Your school is launching a tree Plantation Drive soon. Write a notice in about 50-60 words inventing all the necessary details. 

                                                                                  XY  SCHOOL 
                                                                                  NEW DELHI
                                                                      TREE PLANTATION DRIVE
27 January,2017
The Environment Club of our school is going to launch a tree plantation drive "GREEN DELHI" to create awareness among the society and school students about the problem of global warming. The drive will be launch on 1 Feb ,2017 in our school auditorium from 10 AM to 4 PM .JADAV PAYENG the man who is known as forest man will attain the meeting as prime guest .
      So all the student are cordially request to attain the meeting and make the drive a successful one.
     (Secretary,Environment club) 
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Name Designation of the person writing the notice                                                                           
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