You are the sports captain of your school the vice captain and school sports team feel that they should be allowed to design their sports uniform discuss
1.) what could be the reason for this feeling
2.) what advice would you give to them
I need the answer as soon as possible 

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
1. The Vice Captain and Sports Captain might feel that they can design the sports uniform themselves as they may be aware of the current trend and fashion related to sports clothes! The good thing is that they showed an active interest n what the sports persons would be wearing: it clearly displays a sense of belonging to the school team!

2. My advice to them would be to go ahead and do research before designing the sports uniform. The duty should be given to them as they have taken the initiative. At the same time, they must pay due attention to the comfort and convenience of the players along with the fashionable aspects of the uniform. The uniform must display the school logo, be skin-friendly, special 'Climalite' material so that the skin can breathe.

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i am feel lucky
i advice all child to play games
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Thanks for your answer Manish Shahi but i want a whole topic on it .
I'm having my ASl tomorrow so i need material for it.
I appreciate your efforts.
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