You are the Sports officer of your organization. The Director, Sports is
considering purchase of some new equipment for the gymnastics team of your
University. Write a report recommending the equipment that you think will be

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Report on requirement of sports Equipments.
By XYZ, Sports officer of ABC university.

The gymnastic department has a total of 145 students enrolled in it and they all have been performing fairly well. With the support and equipments provides to them by the sports department they have improved their skills considerably. But due to the non-availability of the new equipments their are certain drawbacks in their performance.
The sports departments purchased the last lot of equipments for the Gymnastics team 3 years ago. Few of the equipments have been damaged or are no more in the condition to be used. A majority part of the equipment's quality have been deteriorated over time and they would be usable for only a lesser time period. Very few of the equipments are in good condition. I would like to suggest a list of few equipments which we need to purchase in order to meet the performance of our gymnasts. The equipments are as follows :
1. Pommel horse
2. Uneven bars
3. Balance beam
4. Single bar trainer
5. Gymnastic rings
6. Horizontal bars
These are the equipments which are urgently in need of and the delay in their purchase could restrict the practice of the gymnasts. The total budget for the purchase of the sports equipments has been designated as seventy thousand rupees by the sports department. The maximum time limit within which the equipments are required to be purchased is 20 days as we cannot afford more delay as the old equipments can decrease the quality of training and practice and can be dangerous as well.

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