you are Wanda. you are deeply hurt by the behaviour of your classmates express your feeling in the form of diary entry

Dear Student,
Given below is an outline that will help you frame a complete answer, as this is a creative writing task. Refer to the Website to find the format of a diary entry.
  • I am disappointed and upset about the behaviour of my classmates.
  • They always mock me and make fun of my dresses.
  • I always sit in the corner of the classroom where the boys who do not study or pay attention, sit.
  • I know I am poor. I live in a small house.
  • But I often wonder what I have done to be born poor.
  • But, I am not going to let my emotions and peace be disturbed.
  • I know I have been blessed with many talents.
  • Some of these are unique to my personality.
  • One day I am going to rise to greater heights.
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