You do preach worse than a parson
Explain in simple language and no links please

Dear Student,
This line is taken from the story ‘The Rattrap’ by Selma LagerlÓ§f, a Swedish writer. It means that the speaker’s persuasion powers are even more than that of a parson. Let me explain it you in context.
In the story, the ironmaster wanted the tramp to leave his house, when he saw that he had mistaken the tramp’s identity. The daughter felt bad the wretch had to leave, because she had imagined making Christmas homelike and happy for him. So, she tried convincing her father, in her shy and gentle way, to let the man stay. She appealed to the ironmaster’s sympathy by painting a sad picture of the man’s life. She said that there was not a single place in the country which would make the tramp feel welcome; he would always be chased away. She said that the man was constantly under the fear of being arrested and cross-examined, and that she wanted him to enjoy just one day of peace in their home. She didn’t want to chase away a person who had been invited to their house for sharing their Christmas joy, even though it was by mistake. The ironmaster gave in to her request, saying that her talk is more convincing than that of a parson. While the ironmaster may have refused a parson himself, he couldn’t bring himself to refuse his sweet daughter and her plea.
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