You feel that facilities for tourists could be improved in your state. Write a letter to the Secretary , Department of Tourism in your state, highlighting the need for improving facilities for tourists to promote tourism in your region. Also suggest what facilities you would like to be introduced.

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Address of  Secretary, Department of Tourism

Subject of the letter


Body- Use these points to elaborate: Tourism provides boost to the economy. Good treatment of tourists leads to good revenue earnings for the state. Tourists promote the good image of a destination by describing their experience to friends and acquaintances. Tourism provides employment to locals. Tourists can be lured by improving facilities.

First and foremost is the safety of tourists- safe lodging and tour guides certified by the local police and government authorities. Police to check cheaters and swindlers misguiding the tourists.Good eating joints, guided tours to places of interest, recreational facilities like adventure sports and shopping malls. Hygienic washrooms at regular distances and rest rooms. Money exchange centres to convert international currency into the local one.

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