You had to share your book with your friend. Write a diary entry

Dear student,
Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- Today I realised the importance of sharing!
- My dear friend forgot to get her English textbook to school.
- Knowing that the teacher was very particular about students carrying their books to class, she started crying.
- She was scared of being admonished in front of the other students.
- As soon as the teacher came to class, I informed her how my friend had forgotten to get the book and added that I was willing to share my book with her.
- The teacher was happy that we had told her about the mistake and not tried to hide it.
- She excused my friend only for that day.
- I enjoyed sharing my book with my friend: we did the grammar exercises together and got all the answers right!
- My friend was extremely grateful to me and I was happy that a small act of kindness had helped do away with her worry.
You may feel free to contact us if you face any issue or difficulty while composing your answer. You can also send us your answers here for a feedback and required corrections, if any.

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