you have attended a seminar on how to decrease the burden of studies on school going children. write a report for your school magazine. you are ravina or ravi of guru nanak public school

A Discussion to Decrease the Burden of Studies on School - goers


Guru Nanak Public School
March 29, 2014

A seminar was organised by our school, on 29 March, 2014. The topic of discussion was, how to decrease the burden of studies on school going children. Mr. Ajit Verma (Professor of Education, XYZ University) was the chief guest. Education Minister of our state, Mr. P. N. Sharma and other dignitaries were also invited in this seminar. First of all, all of them expressed their deep worry regarding the increasing burden of studies on the school going children. According to them, burden of studies can reduce them into a "porter of information". It will kill their energy and inquisitiveness to explore the new and unknown things. The Education Minister said, "Syllabus should be precise and effective for the development of the student's brain." He also answered a lot of  questions asked by the students and teachers of our school. Our chief guest, Mr. Ajit Verma said, "The method of teaching should be interactive and enjoyable. A child can learn better through funny props and techniques than to read it in the book." Some students also shared their views in this seminar. At the end of the event, students who participated in the seminar, received certificates from the honourable chief guest, Mr. Ajit Verma. Our Principal, Mr. Rohit Kumar thanked all the guests to render their valuable time and congratulated all the students for being a part of this seminar.

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