you have topped all the sections of 6 class in final examination. you feel happy and exited. express the feelings in a diary entry

i wrote a lot but nothing was submitted


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ikm very hoooks 
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Dear diary, I have passed all the sections in class 6. It was a great achievement for me. I cannot express my happinessbut still i m in control. When i went for my result and i saw it was the changing movement for me. Thank You!
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Thanks Ishika..
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4Jan,20xx. 9.00pm

In our life we meets such situations that's cant be expressed by only writings.Today our class 6 examination's result announced.At the morning I was very nervous for the results.But later when I get the news that my rank is no.1 then I surprised.I was so happy.My friends and elders giving me congrace.Today really I enjoy a lot.It is just a beggening.

By xxx
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