You may have forget your own
Voice long before. You were never gave
Freedom enough to voice you opinions.
You were always thought obedience to
Say 'yes' for everything that your elders
Told you.

Error correction
Plzz solve it fast

Dear student,

The answers have been highlighted in bold:

You may have forgotten your own 
Voice long before. You were never given 
Freedom enough to voice your opinions. (please note it should be "enough freedom", as that is the more appropriate expression)
You were always taught obedience to 
Say 'yes' to everything that your elders 
tell you. 


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Please solve it
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I need the answer please
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Couldn't anyone solve it.
For what I gave money
Is this your mangment
For almost an hour I am waiting for the question
Don't you have any sense
I need this answer
I even posted another question solve that question fast
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