You're a special correspondent to deccan Herald bangalore you witnessed a train accident in jolarpet where derailment of the train look place however there was no loss of life write a report in 100-200 words you are amaita

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- Four bogies of Jolarpet Express, destined for Bangalore, were derailed  on Tuesday, 10th September 20XX at 2 AM as there was a gap in the train tracks.
- The accident is said to have occurred as a result of the negligence on the part of the maintenance staff posted at Jolarpet. 
- They had not been conducting the regular inspection of the tracks. 
- As a result, the passengers were woken up rudely with the sound of screeching brakes and shattering glass.
- The place bore witness to a scary sight of shattered glass, twisted metal and scattered luggage.
- The locals rushed to the spot and rescued passengers who were caught unawares in their sleep.
- Fortunately, no lives were lost though twenty eight people sustained minor injuries.  


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