you read a newspaper report about a baby girl found abandoned at the railway station. you are angry by the fact that people leave girl children as abandoned and not assist . write an article for a magazine about saving the girl child. 

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  • Female infanticide is still common in India.
  • Both the educated and uneducated people are involved in this heinous act.
  • the number of girls is far less than that of boys in India, specially in certain states like Rajasthan and Haryana.
  • Some states even face dearth of brides for marriageable boys due to this.
  • Women empowerment and girl education are the requisites of the hour.
  • Strict punishment needs to be meted out to people who commit such abominable acts.


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Everyone must have read the shocking piece of news a few days ago about a small girl who had been found abandoned at a railway station, I am sure we all got angry about that and many of us showed our concern for the child, which is very good but has anyone of us been of real help to that poor child, just showing our concerns in written form at the social media to increase our followers, get views and likes, that is the main reason why most people post these kind of things on social media. If someone had truly cared he would gone to the station met the railway authorities taken the child to the police check for missing persons report or  find the parents and talk some sense into the parents that if they could not afford a child they did not need to bring that child into the world and then abandon it. Just imagine what would be going on in the girls mind that people who should have loved me the most have only left me, how lonely would that child feel, just think about it. Already the population of India is not in control due to people not being aware so therefore we should also start awareness program so that people understand what they are doing and the government stop facing the consequences of it.  

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