You recently read a newspaper article on the way teenager behave and how right or wrong is it.As a teenager write a diary entry in 120 words on adult perceive teenagers and what the reality is.
Teenagers are accused of improper behaviour, wasting their time, nuisance, mischief mongers.
Reality-Exam stress, pressure, no time for socialising, busy schedule.

Dear Student,

Saturday                                                                                                        10:00 p.m.
21st August 2016                                                                                           Gurgaon

​Dear Diary
Today I read a newspaper article in the way teenagers behave. I was totally shocked. It is totally wrong that a child reacts to his parents in an improper manner. I am 12 years old and I could not even think of becoming a person I dread the most when I turn 13. But I think it's not the fault of teenagers. Adults think them as 'mischief mongers' who waste their time in looking themselves in the mirror, taking long walks in between works and not socialising with other people. But the reality is something different. When we go to a trip to Shimla we experience breathing problems; we experience changes in our breathing system. Just like that teenagers experience changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Even our parents have been through this terrible teenage thing. Teenagers don't take the scolding of the parents as advice but as threat to their freedom. That is why they react in a rude manner; often shouting or getting annoyed. As we grow, we also have pressure in our studies. Teenagers have busy schedules; 6 hours in school, 3 hours in studying/homework, 2 hours in external activities and rest are external refreshments from which they gain energy. God help us when we pass through this time. I will also make sure to control and calm myself through meditation and yoga to survive the 'terrible teens'.

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good effort annika
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You recently read a newspaper article on the way teenagers behave and how long / right where it is as a teenager write a diary entry in 120 to 150 words on how adult perceive teenagers and what the reality is using the hints given below teenagers or accused of first in proper behaviour second best Intel 3rd lesson 4th mistake make its reality and first examination stress second too much pressure third busy schedule for no time for relaxtion
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