you recently won a prize in a school competition and felt very happy about it write a page in your diary expressing your feeling

 Monday, October 7, 20xx.

 9 P.M.

 Dear Diary,

 Today has been one of the best days ever!!!

 I take part in many competitions in school, but  never win a prize. All that changed today. When the Assembly started, it was like any other school day. At the end, results of the elocution competition were announced. I paid no attention, presuming that again I would have won nothing! My friend, in line behind me, nudged me hard and told me that my name was being announced. I could not believe my ears. I had bagged the second prize and the teachers were praising my choice of poem and delivery style.

I was overjoyed as all my friends congratulated me. At home, my parents felt proud of my achievement. Finally, my hard work and interest in co-curricular activities had paid off. My excitement might not let me sleep tonight.



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