You saw an old man planting a sapling and his grandchild watching it.Their silent dedication had a deep message for youth .Record your feelings in the form of a diary entry

Dear Diary,
this day was my red letter day,as i got a deep hidden message from the silent dedication and conversation of one grandpa and a lovely grandson..actually what happened was i was walking through side of street road i saw a grandpa and his cute grandson working over there. grandpa was planting sapling into the garden and lovely 5 yr his granson was jast watching him .his grandson asked dadaji how many yrs it will take to bear fruits,he replied many yrs may be i can not eat them. but i am just planting it for you so that u can eat juicy fresh fruits .  tese wods deeply toched me 
okkk bye diary ......
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Hope u find the answer helpful kavya.....
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You are Atul and Amita. You happened to visits an old age home with your friends and were shocked and pained to see the helpless of thousand of old people who suffer neglect and indifference in our society. Write a diary entry about the feelings of the day you visits the old age home in about 120 words
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