You were asking for a bicycle from your father since long withoutyour knowledge he bought a bicycle for you write a dairy entry expressing your feelings

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Here is my feelings which i have would written in my diary that .....
Since a long time i was asking my father to buy one bicycle for me but he was not listening to me at all , i was very angry with him so he told that if you score good marks in your exams then only i will give  you  but i knew he is not going to give me he will say when i said these things and i can't buy it for you because i am not having a single rupee but i know he was telling a lie then i said my mother that he is not giving me a bicycle so my mom said that leave it so i was very sad and upset and the next day was my birthday and in the morning one parcel came it was a cycle and my mom and dad said surprise i was really happy with my mom and dad and too was very surprised and then i realised my mom and dad are the best .
may this helps!
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Dear Diary, 
I had long been asking my father for the bike I saw at the carnival.But, my father just would not buy it for me. But when I got extremely good results for my exam my father bought that cycle for me today! It was  surprise. When I got up today morning I was surprised to see the cycle outside my house.I was so happy that I ran and started to drive the cycle around my home. I was really thankful to my father. Since today was a Sunday I spent the whole day riding my new cycle. I was very proud to show my cycle  to my friends.I was very happy today.

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