Your ankita and you have to deliver a speech " education gives one power " you have jotted down the following notes education trains mind - sharpens skills abilities - education: a source of power -improve self independent- earn money - ignorance to knowledge - removes superstitions - develops a free spirit - important for women gives her freedom from social ills - independent- responsible write your speech between 150-200 words

you are Ankita and Ankit you have to deliver a speech on the topic education give one power
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We hear people imposing on education, we see people commenting on education, but do we really know what all education can do?

Education is not just about getting a degree to show to the entire world of how competent you are. Education plays a very crucial role in your life. Education is confidence, because of which you can stand in front of millions and put your words without fear. Education gives you the strength to stand tall. Education fills you with joy when you learn something.  Education gives you the courage to fight all odds. Education makes you wise so that you can easily differentiate between good and bad and last but not the least education helps you identify who you really are.

Education hones your personality, your skills, the way you think, and the way you react.  Education is a journey from insanity to sanity, from dark to light. Education defines you, it’s who you are, your stand on different issues. Education gives you the power to think to be the change you want. Education believes in no boundaries, in no castes, in no religions, in no gender. Education is like a bright sunshine which brightens up your entire life and never discriminates in whomsoever taking from its light.

But have  really been able to achieve all this?

There are honor killings happening in the 21st century, students die every other day out of the depression and pressure because of the hectic schedule at school, is the schedule really hectic or is there something else that is wrong which we haven’t been able to figure out just as yet?

There is terrorism in the name of religion, does that even sound reasonable? There are a hundred thousand education schemes, government schools, primary education mandation but the child labor doesn’t cease to plague the society.

In a long long time we haven’t heard of any technological advancements or a drug for the cure of diseases which are incurable despite of the fact that we have the maximum amount of turnover in terms of doctors and engineers.

Why haven’t we been able to exploit education to its core value? Why have we not been able to achieve a holistic understanding of what the word essentially means? It is high time we answer these questions!

We should understand, value the power of education and appreciate how it turns a coal into a bright shining diamond.

An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.

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