Your friend is not very good in maths but he has opted for commerce with maths and is not doing well in maths.1.What are the future implications?
2.How will you convince him to reconsider his choice?

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1.Future implications:
a)He will score poor marks in Mathematics which in affect his result and average percentage.
b)This lead to frustration.
c)A poor result at the board examination will result in his high hopes being shattered.
d)He will have to settle with a job that he does not enjoy or with an poorly paid job which will again lead to further frustration.

2.Points to convince him:
a)A good job is often acquired at the campus interview of a good institution for which he has to obtain good marks at the boards.
b)A good job means a bright future.
c)Love for a single subject is not worth putting his whole future at stake.

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