Your friend is the captain of the chess team of your school. He miserably lost the first match in an inter-school competition. Write a letter to him/her encouraging him not to lose heart and to try again with renewed vigour.

Dear Student,

This type of questions are meant to enhance the creative writing abilities and imagination of the students. They are best attempted on your own. However, you can refer to the points given below to formulate your answer.

NOTE: Please refer to the Meritnation Study Resource Database for the latest and correct format of the letter.
  • I hope you have been doing well since the last time we met. I'm sorry I missed your last chess tournament due to my car breaking down.
  • I came to know that you lost the first match in the tournament and have lately been very upset because of it. But you should also remember that the opponent you faced was the three-time consecutive champion of the tournament. Even he found your gameplay to be commendable and stated that the match had been a bitter, neck-to-neck battle until the very end.
  • Irrespective of the final outcome, I want you to know that you did well and I am proud of you for it. I'm sure you will perform even better in the next year's tournament. So get your spirits up and start your practice again. I believe in you.


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